[Glam] Nail It

Pictures of nail art designs are…everywhere. Pouring out of every tween magazine, as viral as Carley Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” video, and photographed and more pinned than any picture of David Beckham strutting his stuff in his snazzy H&M briefs.

I love scanning magazines & blogs for neat ideas to pimp-out my nails for the weekend. Usually, I keep it simple, try a funky color, or switch-it up and go really wild with a backwards french mani.

And, so the search begins. I go with a creative Google search approach…”Cool Nail Ideas.”

These flashy photographed digits are creative, unique, and really easy to try


This is cool and simple.

Don’t worry. The pieces of metal are magnetic. Righttt…


 I would like to think I am artsy, maybe even a crafty person. But, these women have skills. More than just skills, they have professional appointments, they have the colors, the right utensils, ninja-like precision, and most importantly the time.

Frankly, I can’t even sit still long enough to let my nails dry…

You too? Phew. Good to know I am not the only one. Here is some advice for simple, almost hard-to-mess-up techniques that you must try next time!

Today’s Look:

With no time to spare on a Saturday night, I used fast-dry black (pictured below) and white, to match a B/W American Apparel mini skirt, a romantic black blouse, and black boots. You will be surprised how many comments you get.

“I mean, I just painted one nail a different color, ehh...” = fashion genius.

Tip: I love to swap out the white with gold.

Today’s Great Finds:

Do the Polka

Candy Colors

(See Lani’s whole look here!)

Burnt Orange

(Picture by Bella Sugar.)

Love these Ombre nails by Refinery 29. Click the image to see how to do it! I think I could actually do this one.

A dark shade, (I recommend OPI’s Brisbane Bronze) is always great with a bit of sparkle.

(Picture by Bella Sugar. Click the image for a how-to!)

Feeling Cross?

(Picture by Bella Sugar. Click the image for a how-to!)

Peek at part of my collection…


From left to right, 1) Perfect for toes, URBAN 2) On-the-go, Wet N’ Wild 3) Interview Life-Saver, OPI

Comment with your easy nail ideas or tweet us @GlamandGraffiti your fresh new look!