Your Best Body: Week 2

Gym wear has evolved over the years, from modest floor-length ensembles, to over-sized loungewear, to the aerobic-friendly, cringe-causing, electric yellow track suits.  While jogging down memory lane, note that with every outrageous outfit came new advancements in not only your look, but your gym routine as well.

 Skirt the subject. Picture wearing this to your Tuesday night fitness class. Zumba just became a lot more fun this stylish emphasis on modesty.

Alice Marble, American tennis player, bared her legs and lead women to sport the short.

Flash the over-sized sweatshirt and slouchy yoga-like loungewear.

Leg-warmers became a must for the most stylish fitness diva.

And 1, and 2, and…aerobics, leotards, and solid, bold colors graced took over our VCRs.

You couldn’t ask for a better workout buddy.

 The neon tracksuit.  The answer to safety while street jogging?

Now we hit the gym with the latest gadgets and synthetic fabrics creating apparel that is breathable, weather resistant, and more stylish than ever.  Today’s workout gear takes the best from each decade: eclectic and neon numbers, laid back yoga loungewear, and trendy track suits. Check out the latest gym-savvy ensembles!

Wearing bright colors like orange and yellow can energize your workout. Recharge and shop the performance enhancing wear below!