{Glam} Leggings Are Not Pants


Leggings are not pants. Leggings are not pants. These are the words that I hope to leave with you today. Let’s start with the basics. Yes, leggings are comfortable, cozy little things that look like pants, they sometimes even feel like pants, but no they aren’t pants. We’ve seen it all. And, by we, I don’t mean the fashion community, I mean your neighbor, your friends, and (gasp) possibly your colleagues at work and school. And, we get it. They are easy to wear, they are mostly black, (and you know that’s a favorite hue of mine), they match back to everything , and did I already mention that they are super comfortable? So…what’s the problem?

Legging Bar Graph

Exhibit A1

Here’s the problem. [Please see intensely designed bar graph above labeled A1.] Sometimes the legging fabric stretches and you can see through it. Simple as that. Almost like stockings…or tights! See the subtle difference between the level of thickness in stockings and leggings above that I so neatly point out? Now compare that to the more sudden discrepancy between leggings and jeggings. (I won’t even compare the Leggings bar to the Jeans bar, I know you see it.) There is a very thin, pun intended, line when it comes to wearing your leggings and making sure they are not considered stockings. If you are hitting the gym or rolling into the yoga studio early in the morning, give your bum a quick check in the mirror. If you can see any undie or skin showing through your leggings…they are too thin!

This is not your fault, it’s the leggings’ fault! Try the next size up OR try a different brand! There are a lot of fitness leggings, also know as activewear, that are great quality. Looking for a pair to wear out? Pick a fabulous legging that is a bit thicker such as this Moto Legging or this  pair! These can add a bit more definition to an otherwise thinner legging meant solely for loungewear, not the public eye.


Now let’s say you do want to rock a legging. You’re thinking, “Geez louise, Steph, back off my pretty little pants.” No problem! My favorite way to wear leggings is to layer them. As fall quickly approaches, one of my #OOTDs is combat boots, a pair of leggings, and an oversized cardigan or sweater. The key? To cover my tail. And, I have to admit, I don’t have a lot to hide. But I like to use the cardigan to cover my backside, just in case the undie rebels or if my leggings are just too tight. (And, let’s admit it…all leggings are too tight. They are literally just a bit of thin fabric coating our legs.)

A great way to style them? Oversized or hi-lo tops. My favorite at the moment are actually from AEO and Aerie. Yes, I do work for them, but I got very excited when I tried on their new “legging tee”. Why? Because they are normal t-shirts that are just a tad bit longer in the back! Suddenly, I find myself now wanting to sneak leggings into my work outfit…everyday.

The printed leggings I’m rocking in today’s post are my all-time new obsession. The thicker fabric gives me an ounce of confidence while the print proves them to be a bit more trendy than my at home/yoga legging.

Leggings will be big this fall season so prepare to see them everywhere! And, that’s the goal! To see the legging, and nothing else underneath.


Hat: Urban Outfitters | Top and Leggings: AEO | Shoes: Nine West



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  1. Great post, Steph, but I think you missed one important point. Unless you want to show them off as we sometimes do with semi-sheer tops or exposed bra straps, be mindful of your underwear choice. It might be a shock, but if you put on your favorite hot pink panties under a print or even a solid legging, they might just show through. Almost every retailer offers an option of panties that are supposed to be invisible under tight or sheer clothes. Match your skin tone or the base color of your leggings to make them less visible.

  2. ps… LOVE your AEO leggings!

  3. I’ve seen models sport black leggings and combat boots, and the combination just works. It’s all about mixing and matching I guess. But I agree with going for printed leggings if you prefer to wear them as is.

  4. Hi, Anna – I totally agree! Black leggings and combat boots look perfect. Add an oversized sweater and I’m in!

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