{Glam} Double Denim

January 16, 2012 in Glam: Style & Trends, Mens

1930′s    Coal Miners, Westerns, War, Rebels, Hippies, Everyday, Designers….    Today

While denim never goes completely out of style, the way it is “in-fashion” changes from time-to-time.

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Double Denim made a comeback in late spring 2010 and personally, I think it should stay just a bit longer.

Most of you do have the items in your closet to work double denim.

Basic Rules to Follow:

1. Always wear contrasting denim. The 90′s is why we veered away from double denim in the first place. We have already learned our  lessons from our past  idol’s Spears and Timberlake. (You may Google this image if you wish. I decided it was better not to hurt the eyes of my readers.)

2. Vary the look. A caramel, brown side purse is a good rich, complimenting color choice. Roll-up your sleeves or button to the top button to give a simple shirt a whole new appeal.

3. Add a feminine note. Stay clear from trucker-inspired and add an over-sized cockktail ring or a long, silver necklace.


PS. You can wear this style too. And, it looks quite charming, manly and smart.

Glenn O’ Brian, The Style Guy and writer for GQ says, “Bruce Springsteen wears double denim, and he’s the Boss…My only caution would be match up your tonalities.” Read more here.

[To me, it is currently my go-to outfit for last minute coffee dates, 24 hour long library study days,

...and I'm late to class, I need to throw something on, I may have overslept days.]

Pictured Here: Jeans (American Eagle), Winter Boots (Aldo.com), Chambray Button-Up (Forever 21), Headphones…yes they are headphones AND they keep my ears toasty. (American Eagle)

Winter Beanie (Urban Outfitters)


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