{Glam} Buttoned Up

{Glam} Buttoned Up - Glam and Graffiti Denim Skirt

The denim skirt is BACK. But before you go rummaging through your closet searching for your ripped denim mini from the turn of the millennium, think again. We’re going back a bit further. The new denim skirt trend rolls deep with 70’s vibes and a high-waist, pencil silhouette.

{Glam} Buttoned Up - Glam and Graffiti Denim Skirt

{Glam} Buttoned Up - Glam and Graffiti Denim Skirt

I paired my blue jean baby with a simple white tee and a vintage suede jacket. I urge you to give this style a try. It’s classic and versatile. Lately I’ve been focusing on adding pieces to my closet that will help transition me from summer to fall. For fall I am already imagining paring it with a heavy knit sweater or cardigan for a day at work and a leather jacket for a night out.

{Glam} Buttoned Up - Glam and Graffiti Denim Skirt

HM Denim Skirt, H&M | Essential Tee, Banana Republic | Suede Jacket, Vintage

{Glam} Buttoned Up - Glam and Graffiti Denim Skirt

Give this look a try and #GetGLAM! Shop below for inspiration:

{Graffiti} 10 Gym Bag Essentials

Work It Out


I recently have made a pact with myself to get to the gym more often. The added benefits have been powerful: more energy throughout the day, a jump start to my morning, and a kickin’ bod. (Okay, so I’m still working on that last part.) My biggest struggle thus far? Packing my bag for the day! I’m always forgetting one essential item. The first time it was my belt, the second my socks, a few times a headband or two, and twice it’s been my BRA.

To help all of the other forgetful fitness fanatics out there, I put together a list of my 10 Gym Bag Essentials that will make your morning routine go much more smoothly.

  1. Sports Bra and Normal Bra: Don’t be that girl. AKA me. Somehow, wearing a sports bra under your button-down just doesn’t feel right.
  2. Extra Pair of Underwear and Socks: Because we don’t want to be gross. Also please reference #7.
  3. Headphones: Forget these and you are stuck listening to the whir of your neighbors’ treadmills.
  4. Facial Cleanser: Whether you pick up a duplicate of your favorite face wash or face wipes, it’s important to keep your face clean after AND before your work-out.
  5. Perfume: I have never thought so highly of extra rollerballs or fragrance samples. A girl’s best friend.
  6. Sneakers/ Normal Shoes/ Flip Flops: It’s all about the socks needed for each. White gym socks in black booties just don’t feel OR look right. The flip flops will protect you from the dirty gym shower floor. Enough said.
  7. Sweatshirt: Whether it’s summer or fall, I always toss on an extra sweatshirt that protects me from the cooler morning weather on my way to the gym.
  8. Headband: If you are like me, running on a treadmill with hair in your face is like trying to eat a burger with a fly circling your meal. Fly away fly-aways.
  9. Hair: Speaking of hair, be sure to pack your dry shampoo, hair spray, and beach salt spray. All are perfect for keeping that post gym hair under control.
  10. Snack: Whether it’s a Luna bar or a pre-mixed protein drink, pack breakfast to keep your new-found morning energy going throughout the day.

Extra Tips:

I always pack my bag the night before and lay out the outfit I’m wearing to the gym. It makes the morning run much more smoothly, and I can get quickly out the door feeling confident that I didn’t forget anything.

Create your own essentials kit that stays in your gym’s locker room. In mine, I keep heavier essentials that I know I’ll need every morning, but I don’t want to lug in every morning and disrupt my at-home beauty routine. My must haves? A shower caddy filled with: shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hair spray, hair brush, body soap, loofa, facial wipes, and make-up remover pads.

Last, but not least – don’t hesitate to try your outfit on the night before. You’ll be surprised how many times I put my outfit on in the locker room and wonder why in the world I paired those pants with that shirt.

What’s on your must-have list? Share below!

{GLAM} Getting Into the Swing of Things

Fashion Blogger Glam and Graffiti - Summer Swing Dress

Summer in Pittsburgh has been short, rainy and muggy. Beautiful, right? Not so much. My go-to? A simple and sweet swing dress. I fell in love with this number from AEO because of its burgundy color and long sleeves. As we take a turn into mid-August (yes, MID August…where did summer go?) it’s best to pick a piece that will help you transition into the fall season. Keep the shoes, keep the dress, add one pair of tights and move that denim jacket around your waist to atop your shoulders, and you’ve got the first week of fall covered.  Get it girl.

Fashion Blogger Glam and Graffiti - Summer Swing Dress

Fashion Blogger Glam and Graffiti - Summer Swing Dress Photography by Alex Albeck

Fashion Blogger Glam and Graffiti - Summer Swing Dress

Fashion Blogger Glam and Graffiti Swing Dress
Keyhole Swing Dress and Denim Jacket, AEO | Felt Hat, Nordstrom (Similar)| Shoes, BOC

Fashion Blogger Glam and Graffiti - Summer Swing DressxoxoStephanie

{Glam} Summer Layering


Have you ever bought something at a store with 100% no idea how you would wear it once it made its way back to your closet? I was standing in a Banana Republic dressing room totally in love (love at first sight type of love) with this green knit top. The problem? I had no idea how to wear it! Yet, there I was, at the cash register, receipt in hand. Ladies and Gents, I just broke #1 Golden Rule of shopping: “Don’t buy it if you don’t know how to wear it.”

You know what? I wanted to wear it so badly, I just knew I could make it work. I stared at my closet for what seemed a full day. Dust began to accumulate on the top of my head. Exaggeration? No way. Suddenly it came to me. (And, of course the light bulb in my closet turned on simultaneously.) My knit tank would become my new favorite summer cover up! I loved styling it with my favorite maxi – it keeps me warm when the temperatures cool down at night and is the perfect layer for strappy dresses not quite fit for the office.




Hello, ombre!


Dress and Hat, Nordstrom | Knit Tank, Banana Republic | Shoes, Aldo

Photos by Alex Albeck


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{Glam} Neutral Note


We’ve recently seen it on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and even Ralph Lauren. This hot summer trend is a khaki nod to a safari sentiment mixed with a bit of military.  I pulled out a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg of mine and matched it with the most important accessories of summer, neutral flats and…ice cream! Because…wait for it, today is National Ice Cream Day! Please celebrate accordingly.




Dress, Diane Von Furstenberg | Flats, Aldo


Phone Case, Zero Gravity



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{Glam} Undercover

Glam and Graffiti Fashion Blogger featuring Lou and Grey Knit Tunic

Knit and crochet tops and dresses have quickly become my favorite go-to trend this summer. I love the way the material drapes and the versatility that it offers. Pair it with jeans, over a dress, or…well, with any season! It’s almost as if your fall or winter sweater got a bit jealous and went undercover to try to sneak into summer closet.

Glam and Graffiti Fashion Blogger featuring Lou and Grey Knit Tunic

Necklace, Zara | Knit Tunic, Lou & Grey

Glam and Graffiti Fashion Blogger featuring Lou and Grey Knit Tunic

Glam and Graffiti Fashion Blogger featuring Lou and Grey Knit Tunic

Denim X Jegging, American Eagle Outfitters | Heels, G by Guess

D05A9529 small

Glam and Graffiti Fashion Blogger featuring Lou and Grey Knit Tunic

Glam and Graffiti Fashion Blogger featuring Lou and Grey Knit Tunic

Love the look? Shop it below!


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{Glam} Happy Hour


I don’t know if it is the over-sized polka dots, the retro vibes, or the feminine Minnie Mouse-esq feel, but this dress has become my recent go-to. It’s the perfect day-to-night piece for the office to a happy hour or date night!



Dress, Ann Taylor | Purse, Kate Spade | Jean Jacket, American Eagle Outfitters | Shoes, Aldo


Shop the look:

What’s your favorite date night outfit? Comment and share below!


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